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Hotels in Gurgaon

Hotels in Gurgaon and the Rest of the Country Adopt the Plain Vanilla Room Concept to Tackle Recent Low Occupancy Rates.

The current global economic crash has affected one and all. Most of the industries are bearing the consequences of this massive economic slump. Countries like India that have seen unprecedented commercial and industrial growth in the last decade or so primarily due to the blooming of the IT sector and outsourcing have also been deeply affected by the global inflation and recession. Apart from the four metros, growth and development also touched other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and the four NCRs (National Capital Region) primarily Gurgaon and Noida. The latter two cities are no less than metros with excellent connectivity, admirable infrastructural growth and development and the presence of world famous companies and MNCs. Being near to the Capital also proved to be a definite advantage. The growth of business also meant the related and proportionate growth of the hospitality industry in these cities. Gurgaon being one of the first NCRs to be developed, most of the major hospitality groups have http://www.fortunehotels.in/hotel_gurgaon.aspx hotels in Gurgaon. Gurgaon being primarily a business hub, there are also exclusive business hotels in Gurgaon with all the modern and necessary business features like Wi-fi connectivity, conference halls, meeting rooms etc. However, with inflation and recession coming in, business suffered and so did the hospitality market. The occupancy rates fell drastically in certain cities. To tackle this dull spell, most of the hospitality giants are taking up alternative hospitality methods to churn out revenues like residential hotels, destination resorts, condo hotels, vacation ownership and private residents club. Important names in the hospitality industry are opening up apartments and some of the above mentioned properties in addition to their budget hotela in Gurgaon in order to generate revenues. These steps are also adopted by the hospitality sector for other important places and cities of the country.

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Renowned Luxury and Business Hotels in Chennai Increasing!

Remarkable and Renowned Luxury and Business Hotels in Chennai Increasing!

Chennai, India’s third largest city and one of the metros of India is having back the globally recognized award winning Holiday Inn brand by the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Chennai is also the city that had the first Holiday Inn in India 35 years ago in 1973. Developed by the famous engineering and development company L&T Arun Excello Commercial Projects Ltd, Holiday Inn Estancia Chennai will be another remarkable addition to the existent world class http://www.fortunehotels.in/hotel_chennai.aspx hotels in Chennai with 200 rooms and 75 suites. The hotels is a part of a 82 acre Excello Integrated Township, that is earmarked as a special economic zone (SEZ). Being a very important metro and also an important port, Chennai is also a very major commercial center of the country and hence has a number of business hotels in Chennai with world class and exclusive facilities for business travelers from all around the world. The budget Hotels in Chennai also have excellent facilities for the leisure travelers as Chennai is also one of the most important tourist spots in the country and link to other famous tourist spot down south.

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Upmarket Hotels in Kolkata!

The West Bengal Government Coming in Between the Flourishing of the Upmarket Hotels in Kolkata!

The Indian hospitality industry has seen a major hike in the recent times owing to the astounding industrial growth of the country. The growth in the IT sector has also hugely led to the revolving fortunes of the metros and major cities of the country. Offshore business flowing in and the eagerness of the MNCs to come up in India has led to the obvious growth of the hospitality sector also. Most of the big names in the hospitality industry from India and abroad have their properties in the important commercial hubs of the country. However, surprisingly, the hospitality industry is not that vigorously promoted in one of the most important metros of the country, Kolkata. In the past decade Kolkata has also seen major industrial growth. But unfortunately, the West Bengal state Government hasn’t shown much inclination towards the development of the hospitality industry of the state in general and the http://www.fortunehotels.in/HotelResort/main.aspx?ID=ER0HGYxmI4Z8U8gcrxEdtA==&PType=6FrpaFUg4tzWXwacpHoKmg== hotels in Kolkata in particular. Inspite of the repeated appeals from the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Eastern India, the state government hasn’t come up with steps that would boost the growth of the hospitality industry. Most of the suggestions and appeals made by the Association have gone unheeded. On the contrary, the state government increased the luxury tax payable by the air conditioned budget hotels in Kolkata and the ones in the rest of the state by a whopping 650%. Change in excise duties, reduction in the bar license renewal fee etc have also not been worked upon. In one word, the government seems to be underestimating the need to strengthen and boost the hospitality industry in the wake of unprecedented industrial growth. With proper etching out of the taxes and fees payable by the hotels of the state, the state government can make the business hotels in Kolkata and other renowned hotels of the state bring in huge profits for the state.

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Hotels in Hyderabad and Hospitality Sector infuluenced!

Hotels in Hyderabad and Hospitality Sector infuluenced by IT, ITeS, and SEZ!

Hyderabad, also known as the Pearl City, is one of the most famous tourist destinations of India. The ethnicity, the historical monuments, the multiple cuisines, the landscapes, and the diverse ancient cultures make a visit to Hyderabad in particular and Andhra Pradesh in general extremely invigorating, exciting, and plentiful. A couple of years back, handicrafts, textile, gems, and jewelry were the main highlights and business avenues of the city. However, all that changed in the current times, when the city witnessed historical development with the concentration of the IT industry and the IT eS industry. Over a couple of years, tremendous development reached Hyderabad and the growth of the IT and ITeS industries led to the connected and proportional development of the hospitality industry and remarkable infrastructural growth. With business pumping in the city and business travelers thronging it, it is only natural that today there are a number of exclusive world class http://www.fortunehotels.in/HotelResort/main.aspx?ContentId=B3On+aZHGRZenM4fZsotTg==&HotelID=CfnkxMaYuG2s33086PYdOA== business hotels in Hyderabad. Most of the major hospitality giants have hotels in Hyderabad. The good news is that the budget hotels in Hyderabad also have an impressive occupancy rate. Though the erstwhile sources of business still have their existence, it is the IT, ITeS, and the biotechnology sectors primarily that are ruling the roost as far as bringing business to the city in concerned. The growth of these sectors can well be imagined when its said that 24 SEZ(Special Economic Zones) have been notified for these sectors.

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Occupancy Rate in Bangalore Hotels Increasing!

Defying the Current Economic Slump, Occupancy Rate in Bangalore Hotels Increasing!

Going by the latest reports regarding the http://www.fortunehotels.in/HotelResort/main.aspx?ID=DHHb3ItTkhKdkJErdmRt7Q==&PType=6FrpaFUg4tzWXwacpHoKmg== hotels in Bangalore, the hospitality industry of the city is about to see serious growth and development in the coming times. Bangalore was one of the cities that had seen unprecedented growth and development owing to the boom of the IT sector and before long it became one of the most important IT hubs of not only India but also of the world. As such the number of business travelers to Bangalore also increased and hence important names in the hospitality industry opened up exclusive business hotels in Bangalore. Soon Bangalore became one of the most important commercial hubs of India and hence it saw rapid infrastructural growth and development. However, following the economic slump, not only the IT sector and overall business suffered, but also the hospitality sector received setback. Most obviously the occupancy rates for the budget hotels in Bangalore declined. However, the recent reports predict that India is still the place to be as far as development from all ends in concerned. Business will soon be bustling in India and the hospitality industry has also somewhat overcome the slump and the reports predicting growth have come as a breather.

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